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Inspired, creative, progressive + happy human - true blue, loyal and love scruff on a man. Interests are.....the stuff that helps to give life meaning - art, films, music, travel + design.......reading lots and lots of books on history, philosophy and biographies. I enjoy writing, designing & doing anything creative + being around people who live with hope & joy. lov + peace ~ karen baxter

There’s no lack of painful things in this world, but hunger and loneliness must surely be two of the worst.

—Sakae Jinnouchi in Summer Wars (via larmoyante)

She imagines him imagining her. This is her salvation.

—Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin (via larmoyante)

(via alexachungmtv)

Often times nothing at all is what it takes to have everything.

—Rakishi, “things my father wouldn’t say” cir. 1913 (via 1924us)

(via 1924us)